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Local Results helps get your ads on Google™ today so you can get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google search and maps.

When you search online for “restaurants near me” or “gas station,” the results you get are local listings. We can help your business appear in these types of web searches.

We assign a dedicated phone numbers to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can see call tracking results on your custom dashboard.

If you already have a website, Local Results can help you optimize your site for peak performance. We also can help you launch online marketing campaigns to reach even more customers. We can build a custom landing page for your Google ads to drive leads and calls.

We can give you the URL for your custom website, but the website is built for our platform specifications. This means it won’t work for other platforms. However, you receive any leads that come from the website.

No problem. Our marketing experts can identify the right marketing solutions for your business to help you find new customers right now.

Think about this. When you need a product or service, what do you do? You Google™ it. Is your business showing up in internet search results? Or do you just see your competitors? Using online search is critical to your web presence.

Our in-house experts are here to do everything for you. They can help with the creative design, execution, and deployment. Plus, they’ll help you track the results.

We understand that allocating funds toward marketing can be tough. We can show you how investing in your business marketing can translate into new customer and revenue. In fact, our customers often save money by using our services to bring in new customers and revenue online.

We handle all the marketing, which allows you to work with one vendor and a dedicated sales rep—not multiple people. Many of our clients have found Local Results helps provide a consistent message and brand across their business.

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